Casual Runners

What’s the next step for you?  The 10k…a trail run…the Marathon?  If you know where you want to go, we know how to get you there. 

Training is about more than just running.  It’s about balance and focus; having a purpose.  To truly enjoy running you have to stay healthy and injury free.  That is priority #1 for us.  From there we’ll give you fresh new challenges week to week that will keep the fun in your run. 

You don’t have to be crazy to love running and you don’t have to be winning to be in the race.  You’re the backbone of the sport and every event is worth celebrating.  We’ll help make sure you’re always ready for your ‘second wind.’

Program sign-up is $75/mo including personal training schedules and access to our unlimited communications suite with your coach!

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If you have any other questions send us an email at for information regarding coaching and how to get started.


My coach, Brandon, has really motivated me to get into shape.  He gave me a simple walking plan and eventually I was jogging!  I was able to work into my busy schedule....and with two kids and working full-time, that is a hard thing to do.  Over time I’ve been able to go longer distances and I am looking forward to doing my first 5K this spring.  Thank You RunningLane!!!!