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Places to Run Huntsville: Aldridge Creek Greenway


We love our growing Huntsville Greenway system. The Huntsville area currently has over 73 miles worth of trails and greenways. By 2023 the city has budgeted for approximately 44 more miles worth of greenway. As we continue to move through our R...

RunningLane Athlete Highlight: Kylie Korsnack


RunningLane athlete Kylie Korsnack has had a spectacular 2019. She has set a load of personal best performances this fall. Recently Kylie ran a BIG PR of 1:22:19 half marathon (that is 6:17 pace!) at the CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marat...

Marathon Fueling Guidelines


Fueling for 26.2 miles can be an intimidating task. At this distance, it is not just about the preparation of your legs. One must also have a nutrition strategy dialed in. We want to provide some basic guidelines that you can use towards your own ...

Recovery Runs


Recovery mileage is perhaps one of the least talked about subjects but the bulk of our weekly mileage. In a world where we are data driven to the extreme, it makes sense to talk about what we are doing the majority of time in our training. So what...

Places to Run Huntsville: John Hunt Cross Country Park


John Hunt Cross Country Park  This September, the City of Huntsville opened up the newly redone John Hunt Cross Country Park. This is not just any cross country course, but it is one of the premier running spots in Alabama. This was no short...

Racing Shoes: How Footwear Makes a Difference


Just two weeks back, we all sat amazed at watching not only the first man break 2 hours in the marathon but also the women’s world record going down after 16 years. One common factor in both performances was the type of racing shoe both athl...

The Role of Cadence


Forefoot, midfoot, heel strike… There are so many schools of thought out there when it comes to footstrike however, there is not enough of an emphasis on the solution to many running related injuries that are often played off as a foot stri...

Thoughts from the Road: Finding Strength in Numbers


Fall has always been my favorite time of year, and no matter how old I get I still classify it as “cross country” season.  Cross country season has me reminiscing on collegiate memories, friends and experiences. Running may be hig...

RunningLane Athlete Highlight: Kelly & Patrick Moise


Kelly and Patrick Moise both started with RunningLane earlier in 2019. They are an extremely fun and energetic couple, that have really inspired each other with their running. Both love to engage in events within the running community and seek opp...


If this time last year someone would have said to me, "By April 2016 you'll have run 3 5Ks and will be running 15 miles every week (and enjoying it!)," I'd have laughed and made a joke about being chased by a scary clown. But, here I am, just finished my 3rd 5K with a time a little bit better than the last.  I'm really glad RunningLane encourages beginners. As someone who has never run or even been very athletic, it's nice to have guidance and a place to get my questions answered. Big thanks to my coach, Michael for setting me up with a program that I can stick with and challenges me.  My program is just that…mine.  It is tailored to my fitness level and ability and having someone to check in with each week keeps me accountable. It’s working!  In 14 weeks with my coach and RunningLane my BMI has dropped 5 points, my cholesterol went from over 200 to 165, and my resting heart rate has lowered because my heart is healthier and happier!  Thank you, RunningLane!