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Tim Adams: Lessons From The Road


At the age of 46, and after 20 plus years of running, I have made every mistake in the book. Not surprisingly, I've suffered from my share of injuries and frustrations, and an embarrassing DNF at my first attempt to break 3 hours in the marathon o...

Tim Adams: Going The Distance With RunningLane


I'm passionate about running. I've run a number of marathons and read enough about the science of running to consider myself relatively knowledgeable about the physiology and science behind training and racing. Notice I did not say I am talented o...

Coach Will: Tempo Runs Part Two - Lactate Threshold


Tempo Runs Part Two: Lactate Threshold In my last blog post, I discussed the benefits of aerobic threshold and explained why it’s the foundational block for all anaerobic exercise. We discussed everything from the metabolic processes that t...

Coach Will: Tempo Runs Part One - Aerobic Threshold


Tempo Runs Part One: ​Aerobic Threshold As runners we all hear these buzz words that are thrown around by our running companions. Things like tempo runs, lactate threshold, fartlek, max vO2, the list goes on and on. It can be a bit intimida...

Coach Will: The Wade Mountain Marathon & Half Marathon


What’s not to like about fall? I love that cool crisp air, constant crunching of the leaves under foot and the beautiful colors. Fall is my favorite time of year hands-down. As a coach, it’s a time of year when the “I told you so...

Coach Will: Blueprint To Qualifying For The Boston Marathon


Blueprint To Qualifying For The Boston Marathon The Boston Marathon- the name itself sends chills down our spines as every runner worships this race at the running alter. To put this race in perspective, out of every marathon finisher across the ...

Coach Will: In The Beginning...


Life can be funny sometimes. Often we think about the future and we picture ourselves in our dream job. To an engineer, that might mean working for a big company like Boeing. To another person, it may mean getting a nursing degree and working for ...

Coach Will: One Step At A Time


My last marathon was filled with mixed emotions. I ran a big negative split (1:24/1:19) to finish in 2:43:45 for a bright and shiny PR. During the hours that followed, I was on cloud 9 and itching to start the recovery process so I could focus on ...

Coach Will: The Road Ahead


The last 3 years have been absolutely incredible. RunningLane has taken off. I’m doing what I love. My wife Rebecca and I moved to be closer to family.  So much has changed. With changes, there always come ups and downs- but it’s ...

Coach Myles: All Roads Lead to Cotton Row


It's time...Cotton Row time.  One week away from the biggest race in Alabama for a non-marathon guy like me.  For someone from Huntsville, this race represents a little bit of everything that the running community and even the city itsel...

Brandon York

When I finished my collegiate cross-country and track career, I felt burned out and unmotivated to continue running. As a result, I quit running for over 2 years and, as expected, lost a lot of conditioning during that time. I was out of shape. Eventually, when I decided to start running again, I needed a coach and motivation. Enter the guys from My coach Will lit the fire in me to get fast again! In a little over 2 years time, he took me from a high school level fitness to beating my college PRs in the 5k and 10k and even running well in longer races like 15k and 10 miles. With his guidance, I now have a realistic chance of qualifying for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials!

I firmly believe that this team at can do the same for you - whether your goal is to take down old PRs, win your age group at a local 5k, or be competitive on a national level.  They’re the best.