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BeckWell, it has been a long time since I reported back on running, life, and family. A lot has happened and changed in each one of those categories so I will try to keep the content simple and sweet.

My wife, Kelley, switched over to working weekdays as of a few weeks ago instead of weekends. This has made a world of difference with the amount of family time we get to spend together. Leland now attends a wonderful extended mother morning out program 3 days a week that is close to our house. Obviously, this coupled with the changing of seasons has sparked the notorious sicknesses that come along with children being around each other. We have all been sick in some way or another (colds, chest colds, stomach bug) over the past month or so. It’s really terrible at this age because Leland does not get the concept of blowing his nose or voluntarily coughing to clear his throat. Parents dealing with a sick child while they themselves are sick are definitely worthy of a medal. Sheesh.

Running has had its ups and downs as well since the end of July. As the first real tune up for my fall marathon, I ran the Army 10 Miler race as a part of the Redstone Arsenal Team. I am very honored to be a part of this team as it has a very long winning history with a great group of guys. We traveled to Washington, DC and I was able to place 112th out of 26,000+ in a time of 57:00. It was a very new experience because that was the farthest race I have ever run before (and actually raced). To follow that up, I recently set a post collegiate 5k PR on October 31 of 16:18. This was after some very spotty training over the preceding 2 weeks due to the sicknesses above. I am definitely gaining some great confidence moving towards my full marathon debut on December 12.

A public thanks to RunningLane is necessary at this point. They have been VERY flexible with my needs in regards to taking time away from running to take care of my family and myself. All along the way they have checked in on me and made adjustments to my schedule to ensure I’m still getting the most out of the time I actually have available to run - not to mention knocking down some PR’s and goals along the way. I’m definitely even more excited for the Rocket City Marathon in December and to lay it all out on the course to see what I’m capable of!



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Will Christian

I was a 2:27 marathoner that seemed to have hit the ceiling. It seemed that I couldn't break that time. I ran a 2:20 marathon this past fall and a big reason for that success was due to coaching and guidance. Coaching is like having a second set of eyes on a problem.

As an active duty service member we are taught "Attention to Detail." I was focusing on my stronger attributes while neglecting my weaker ones. My personal coach pointed a few things out and changed a few of my workouts and like magic; I smashed my PR in the marathon.