Coach Alana: Keep On Track with your Running Resolutions

If you are like me, you have probably set a number of “running related” resolutions. If you are also like me you have probably made and broken those resolutions before. Now, I typically am not one to make a specific New Year’s resolution. Usually, I am one to set new running goals each training cycle. This year the start of a new cycle happened to sync up with the start of 2019. Just like you, I  have big goals for 2019. Unfortunately, some of my processes to reaching my goals I have already botched. As much as I’d love to be a perfectionist, I recognize that I’m going to fall short. However, I know effective strategies for not letting a resolution or goal hit rock bottom. Here are some tips to follow if you want to keep on track with your running resolutions.

1)  Don’t let failure be final- Did you miss your run? Forget to do your core? Slack on stretching (raising my hand high here)? The easiest way to get discouraged is to believe one slip up ruins your whole goal or resolution. Consistency is key. As much as we hate it, perfection will not happen, and perfection should not be the standard. One day is not 365, be patient with yourself and get back on track. In college, I once believed one bad workout ruined whatever my next race would be. That was a very irrational thought process. Goals will be achieved by an entire body of work, not just one moment.

2)  Find some accountability- Coaches, training partners and even just some occasional running buddies will be some of your biggest blessings. Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed or will push you to be better on a daily basis. The wonderful thing is, most runners are fairly happy and level headed people, and if you encourage them, they are likely to do the same for you.  I know that I have a coach and a group of running friends that will lift me up when I’m down. If you don’t have that now, join us for one of our weekend long runs and meet some new local runners!

3) Follow a plan and write it down-Whether you have a training log, track your workouts on Strava, or keep a goal journal, have a plan and write down what you accomplish or do each day. I promise you, it is easier to complete a run or follow a strength routine if you know what your plan is. Improvement is easier when you have steps to follow, and it is simple to track progression when you record your process! You can even record some of your smaller process goals (i.e. actually stretching an adequate amount or getting 8 hrs of sleep a night). This can provide you with insight later in your training. (i.e. having your healthiest training cycle ever and seeing you mastered the “little things” 90% of the time). Have a plan, write it down and hold yourself to it.

These steps are important components to finding success and fun in your running. Whether you are an experienced runner or just looking to get out there and improve fitness, take it day by day, surround yourself with good people and have a plan. If you are struggling with any of these ideas, let us know how we could help you reach your running resolutions for 2019!




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My coach, Brandon, has really motivated me to get into shape.  He gave me a simple walking plan and eventually I was jogging!  I was able to work into my busy schedule....and with two kids and working full-time, that is a hard thing to do.  Over time I’ve been able to go longer distances and I am looking forward to doing my first 5K this spring.  Thank You RunningLane!!!!