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My family!My name is Beck Mitchell and I have been a RunningLane athlete since 2013.

That intro sounds like I’m at an AA meeting, but I guess I am posting on a running blog so it’s not too abstract… I am a husband, father, work in the corporate world full time, and am attempting a post collegiate comeback to competitive running. I will be writing some blog posts for RunningLane about my life and my attempts to juggle family, business, and running competitively. I want these posts to be a way for others that are in similar positions to relate, but also to be a constant reminder to myself (and others) to keep a strong balance between these different aspects of life.

All of these things are very important to me for varying (and obvious) reasons, so we thought it would be interesting to put my experiences in blog format. Now onto a little background about me – I am 28 years old and have been happily married to my beautiful wife, Kelley, since 2012. We have an incredible son, Leland, who was born in June of 2014. We have two dogs – a husky/shepherd mix and a pitbull – that also keep us busy. Kelley is an amazing Registered Nurse at a local hospital and has constantly excelled in every position she has ever held. (I kind of like to brag about her) I currently work in the telecommunications industry at a company in Huntsville where I sell business phone solutions. I moved to Huntsville in 2005 from Dallas, TX to run cross country and track at the University of Alabama in Huntsville on a scholarship. I graduated with a Business Marketing degree and have stuck around Huntsville ever since. I took a serious running hiatus from late 2007 until late 2013 which consisted of essentially no real training.

In 2013 I decided to get with RunningLane to reignite my competitive side and try to become faster than I’ve ever been before. This is mainly because I feel like I left “a lot on the table” in college running and my wife has never known me when I was in top competitive shape. I guess that is just the pride in me showing. However, a lot of things changed during the 6 year break which has made this journey much more difficult than I anticipated. My family schedule is quite different than most. I work Monday through Friday, 7am-4pm. My wife works Friday through Sunday, #winning9am-9pm. So during the week while I am at work my wife is a single parent and on the weekend, I am a single parent. Between time together with our son, time with just my wife, and work this schedule isn’t really conducive to a competitive runner’s agenda. I have laid a few ground rules within my schedule that maximize the time spent with my family, while still having time to complete tasks I need to with work and running. One main rule I adhere by is that I will not run after I am off work on a weekday. Weekday evenings are the time I have with my wife AND son at the same time, so I want to preserve that time as much as possible. My main times to run are early in the morning (usually 5:30am) or on my lunch break at work (not really possible during the summer in Alabama). Luckily, my employer has a shower on premise so it makes it a little easier to pack for work, too. Most nights I will get anywhere from 5-7 hours of sleep during the week which mostly just depends on if/when Leland wakes up. Thankfully, he is a heavy sleeper like his mother.

Anyway, that is a brief overview of myself and my schedule. I will start attempting to blog weekly and reflecting on the past week’s running workouts, family, and business!


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If this time last year someone would have said to me, "By April 2016 you'll have run 3 5Ks and will be running 15 miles every week (and enjoying it!)," I'd have laughed and made a joke about being chased by a scary clown. But, here I am, just finished my 3rd 5K with a time a little bit better than the last.  I'm really glad RunningLane encourages beginners. As someone who has never run or even been very athletic, it's nice to have guidance and a place to get my questions answered. Big thanks to my coach, Michael for setting me up with a program that I can stick with and challenges me.  My program is just that…mine.  It is tailored to my fitness level and ability and having someone to check in with each week keeps me accountable. It’s working!  In 14 weeks with my coach and RunningLane my BMI has dropped 5 points, my cholesterol went from over 200 to 165, and my resting heart rate has lowered because my heart is healthier and happier!  Thank you, RunningLane!