New to 2019, Free Weekend Long Runs!

 Let’s talk about how the long run can help increase the size and number of your Mitochondria…or maybe that will be a topic for another day because I just made you fall asleep reading that statement.


With the New Year starting, we want to bring some new things to the table. The long run is definitely not a new idea; however, an organized long run day is something we believe can benefit the Huntsville/Madison running community...and their mitochondria.


At RunningLane, we would like to make the weekend long run a community event. We want this to be an opportunity for runners of all ages and ability to join together in community and passion to get some miles in. Each week we would like to post a route or routes that we can run together. You can cut them short, add on or do whatever distance meets your current health or training needs. Bring a friend, meet some people, get your miles in and refuel with some good coffee and brunch after. It is as simple as that. As runners, we know that setting the alarm for a long run day can either be a dreaded experience or a moment to look forward to. Let’s reset our attitudes to where the long run is the favorite day of the training week.


Our plan is to make route maps on Strava, which we will share on our Facebook page. We will share these routes so that everyone feels comfortable moving at their own pace. We would like to start at different locations each week so that we can be more inclusive to runners who live in different areas of the city or county. For the winter, we will be starting at 6:30 am.


When: Saturday, January 12, 6:30 am.

Where: Big Spring Park in front of The Cozy Cow

Distance: 6 and 12 mi routes


We would love more ideas on where to start our group runs from. Comment below if you have any suggestions!

We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

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Before I started running I was puffy and depressed with my kids were leaving me behind during playtime. So my friend suggests this coaching program, which is now RunningLane.  I was cautious at first, investing in something I was sure I couldn’t do, but in order to regain my health something had to be done.  Next thing I knew I was on the starting line of my first 5k!  The training that they provide is so wonderful, so supportive and so dedicated to working with my personal goals and fitting into my life.  I feel good about myself.  I have the confidence back to go out and do things that I want to do.  Thank you!!!