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Racing Shoes: How Footwear Makes a Difference


Just two weeks back, we all sat amazed at watching not only the first man break 2 hours in the marathon but also the women’s world record going down after 16 years. One common factor in both performances was the type of racing shoe both athl...

The Role of Cadence


Forefoot, midfoot, heel strike… There are so many schools of thought out there when it comes to footstrike however, there is not enough of an emphasis on the solution to many running related injuries that are often played off as a foot stri...

Thoughts from the Road: Finding Strength in Numbers


Fall has always been my favorite time of year, and no matter how old I get I still classify it as “cross country” season.  Cross country season has me reminiscing on collegiate memories, friends and experiences. Running may be hig...

RunningLane Athlete Highlight: Kelly & Patrick Moise


Kelly and Patrick Moise both started with RunningLane earlier in 2019. They are an extremely fun and energetic couple, that have really inspired each other with their running. Both love to engage in events within the running community and seek opp...

Cross Training Guide


Injury is awful, and sometimes soreness turning to pain is an unavoidable part of training. We do many things to mitigate our chances of injury, but sometimes it still happens. Often we have two options. We either stay sedentary when we are unable...

Pre-Run Warm Up Drills


Too many times we roll out of bed and bust out the door for our morning runs. This leaves us feeling lethargic, stiff and uncoordinated. After long sedentary periods our brain is not efficient in communicating to our muscles and the neuromuscular ...

Seeing Training Success with a Wide View Lens


Are you guilty of using the narrow lens when thinking about your training? It is easy to do in a sport that is very much (and maybe too much) data driven. Many runners view the success of their weeks by seeing if they completed the mileage, or the...

RunningLane Athlete Highlight: Billy Rose


Billy Rose has been a RunningLane athlete for almost five years now. His running career has featured a huge transformation. From 48 min 5k to a sub 19 min 5k, Billy has really come far. So far 2019 had been full of PRs for Billy. This fall Billy i...

The Perfection Problem: Trying to Play Catch-Up


In our first blog of our multi part series, The Perfection Problem: Fearing Fatigue we talked about the problems associated with not accepting fatigue as a normal piece of the training cycle. In this week’s post we want to talk about th...

The Perfection Problem: Fearing Fatigue


As athletes, we often get set on the idea of what the “perfect” training cycle, week, workout or race looks like. Many times our performance suffers when we expect perfection, try to force perfection or think our success is only realis...

Will Christian

I was a 2:27 marathoner that seemed to have hit the ceiling. It seemed that I couldn't break that time. I ran a 2:20 marathon this past fall and a big reason for that success was due to coaching and guidance. Coaching is like having a second set of eyes on a problem.

As an active duty service member we are taught "Attention to Detail." I was focusing on my stronger attributes while neglecting my weaker ones. My personal coach pointed a few things out and changed a few of my workouts and like magic; I smashed my PR in the marathon.