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The power of consistency-How training is like investing


One of the great things about running is that it is truly a cumulative sport. What you do today impacts what happens tomorrow, and what you have done for the week influences what you can do for the month. This even has repercussions for what you a...

Taking it to the trails with Coach Justyna


If you are used to racing on the roads, trail running can be intimidating. It is a different type of running, requires a different kind of focus and even requires different shoes. As a trail and road junkie, Coach Justyna is an excellent source of...

Coach Alana: The Power of Team


Some of my most fond memories in the sport take me back to working out with a team in college. There was nothing better than a track day where the 800 runners through 10k girls were able to do a session together. Even though we had a range of abil...

Coach Alana: Keep On Track with your Running Resolutions


If you are like me, you have probably set a number of “running related” resolutions. If you are also like me you have probably made and broken those resolutions before. Now, I typically am not one to make a specific New Year’s re...

New to 2019, Free Weekend Long Runs!


 Let’s talk about how the long run can help increase the size and number of your Mitochondria…or maybe that will be a topic for another day because I just made you fall asleep reading that statement.   With the New Year s...

Tim Adams: Lessons From The Road


At the age of 46, and after 20 plus years of running, I have made every mistake in the book. Not surprisingly, I've suffered from my share of injuries and frustrations, and an embarrassing DNF at my first attempt to break 3 hours in the marathon o...

Tim Adams: Going The Distance With RunningLane


I'm passionate about running. I've run a number of marathons and read enough about the science of running to consider myself relatively knowledgeable about the physiology and science behind training and racing. Notice I did not say I am talented o...

Coach Will: Tempo Runs Part Two - Lactate Threshold


Tempo Runs Part Two: Lactate Threshold In my last blog post, I discussed the benefits of aerobic threshold and explained why it’s the foundational block for all anaerobic exercise. We discussed everything from the metabolic processes that t...

Coach Will: Tempo Runs Part One - Aerobic Threshold


Tempo Runs Part One: ​Aerobic Threshold As runners we all hear these buzz words that are thrown around by our running companions. Things like tempo runs, lactate threshold, fartlek, max vO2, the list goes on and on. It can be a bit intimida...

Coach Will: The Wade Mountain Marathon & Half Marathon


What’s not to like about fall? I love that cool crisp air, constant crunching of the leaves under foot and the beautiful colors. Fall is my favorite time of year hands-down. As a coach, it’s a time of year when the “I told you so...

Will Christian

I was a 2:27 marathoner that seemed to have hit the ceiling. It seemed that I couldn't break that time. I ran a 2:20 marathon this past fall and a big reason for that success was due to coaching and guidance. Coaching is like having a second set of eyes on a problem.

As an active duty service member we are taught "Attention to Detail." I was focusing on my stronger attributes while neglecting my weaker ones. My personal coach pointed a few things out and changed a few of my workouts and like magic; I smashed my PR in the marathon.