Grand Viduta Stage Race

Three Days of Trail Run Glory, April 26-28 2019

Monte Sano Mountain  -  Huntsville AL

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Early registration $115 until Feb 28th, open registration $140 from March 1st thru April 21st.  

Single stage entry is for SATURDAY ONLY and is $59 until Feb 28th, then $65 from March 1st thru April 21st.

2014 Grand Viduta Stage Race


Stages start at 7:30am each day

Welcome to the greatest off-road challenge in the South. This is an event that welcomes every level of participant and is sure to challenge anyone who comes to the starting line.

A spectator-friendly course with three races Friday April 26 through Sunday April 28, 2019. Course aid will be provided by 3 aid stations each day, and family entertainment will be provided daily at the start/finish paddock. Entertainment to include playground, cookouts, kids events, and hopefully some live music.

Post-race gatherings/parties all three days!!

Fleet Feet HuntsvillePacket Pickup at Fleet Feet Huntsville on Thursday, April 25th from 12:00 until 6:00pm.  A different bib number will be issued for each Stage and will be given out each morning as a "check-in" between 6:30am and 7:30am at the race start area.

Become a donor to the trails that graciously allow this event: the Land Trust of North Alabama, and the Monte Sano State Park!
Land Trust of North Alabama

 ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUIRED TO CARRY HYDRATION WITH THEM.   This is required of us so we have no choice.  You can have a bottle, a hand-held, a's your choice.  But you will need to have something.

For everyone: super sweet
custom finishers medals worthy of the great accomplishment of completing this event, Age Group awards, door prizes, and any other swag we can come up with by race day(s).

1. Everyone should carry a personal hydration device.
2. Everyone must start with the pack at the official, advertised start time.  Pre-running will not be counted as an official result.
3. If you impede another runner's progress or endanger them via tripping hazard or contact, you may be subject to disqualification.
4. Dogs:  One dog per runner, please.  Dogs must be on a leash at all times.  Additionally, the dog counts as an extension of you as a person, and rule #3 will apply in extension.
5. The race is sanctioned by the USATF and will be run in accordance with their rules in addition to our own.
6. Other rules may be provided by the race directors prior to the start of the race.  In certain situations, failure to follow rules may result in disqualification.

2017 USATF Sanctioned EventThe course: Put on your big-kid shorts. The course will be challenging, including hills, extended climbs, downhills, technical sections. +95% off-road on soft surfaces - no shin splints here! Some asphalt will be included at the start of each stage to help with spacing of participants. Course maps are posted below, but may change with respect to weather.

Stages are 13, 16, and 14 miles individually, with a three day total of 43 miles.  You might ask "why is this race so short???"  This is a very difficult race over uniquely challenging courses.  We set the distance so anyone can finish, but it will be tough enough for anyone. 

Zero Limits

Cutoff times will be around 5 hours each day, and may be adjusted depending on race day conditions.  These are not black/white hard cutoffs - if you're making solid progress we will try to keep you out there and give you the chance to finish.  However if you are not making reasonable progress to stay under the cutoff we may ask you to excuse yourself.  The volunteers can't stay out there all day so, please, be respectful.  If you are behind the sweeper, you are officially outside of the race and operating un-supported.  Cutoff progress will be checked at aide stations.

Gels and bars will be provided by GU!  The full spread of "normal" trail runner foods will also be available.  We do our best to provide gluten free and vegan options as well.

Timing: your time will be the total of all 3 days. To qualify for overall awards you must complete all three stages, and must start at the same time as everyone else. Pre-running will not be counted as an official result. Participants are welcome to run in any single event without completing all three.  Your bib numbers will be chip timed.

GU Energy Labs Questions?? Please email us at Yay!

Course Maps:

*course maps subject to change.

Stage 1 - Friday, April 26, 2019 (13 mi)
Stage 2 - Saturday, April 27, 2019 (16 mi)
Stage 3 - Sunday, April 28, 2019 (14 mi)

Click Here for Elevation Profiles

Aide Stations:
Stage 1 - Tollgate Rd trailhead (4.4 and 11.1 mi), Tollgate trail intersection to Fearn Avenue (9.2 mi)
Stage 2 - Sinks/Mtn Mist trail intersection (3.1 mi), Hiker's parking lot (8.3 mi), and Sinks/Mtn Mist trail intersection (12.8 mi)
Stage 3 - O'Shaughnessy Point (2.6 mi and 6.3 mi), and Natural Well at the Panorama Drive access (11.8 mi)

Course Videos:
Courtesy of jeepman211



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