2019 RunningLane Wrap Up

While the Strava Running Community is tallying up their 2019 mileage, we are reflecting on our 2019 as a business. 2019 has been a big year for us. We’ve had new training programs, new community runs, new races, new athletes and hundreds of new PRs. As we create our goals for 2020 we want to reflect on all the good 2019 has brought us. First, we have the best athletes, volunteers and fans of Team RunningLane. We are so incredibly fortunate to have a running community which has enthusiasm for more: more running, more racing and more volunteering. Thank you for lifting us up, in it all. We want to share with you what you have helped us do. 

Group Training Programs: In March of 2019, we started our first ever group training program. Spring Steps was our pilot program. In the summer Beat the Heat toughed it out in Alabama humidity. Fall Fitness finished up the year through the hot fall and cold temps of early winter. In 2020 we start our new 8 week program RunningLane Resolution. Through these programs, we have seen brand-new runners start from first steps, to 5ks, PT test passed with flying colors, and new PRs from the 5k to the Half Marathon. This group has been an awesome representation of what accountability, guidance and fun can do for your training attitude. Interested in joining a seasonal program in 2020? Check out our group training page! We cannot wait to see what 2020 holds for our seasonal programs.

New Events: In 2019 we had three brand new events. The Timberjack Ultra Marathon in Bend, Oregon and two races at the Cathedral Caverns State Park. Conquer the Cave 5k was our largest RunningLane race of 2019. With 800 registrants taking it to the cave of Cathedral Caverns State Park, this race was a huge hit, despite some warm September temps. Later in November, Cathedral Caverns hosted us again for the Cathedral Caverns Trail Race, 15k and 5k. This was our first experience on the trails in Woodville, and they did not disappoint. 2020 dates have been set for both cave races, check out the links above for more information. We are working on some special projects for 2020. Our goal is to continue to bring you new race opportunities. From the cave of Cathedral Caverns to the Bluffs of Monte Sano, we hope to give you a race experience to talk about. Check out our Events page for more information on all races we host.

Weekend Long Runs & Summer Fun Runs: Long run day is perhaps our favorite day of the week. We wanted to share our love of the long run with the community. Starting in January of this year, we began weekend community long runs in different parts of the Huntsville Metro area. Each week we offered 6 & 13 mile routes for runners to follow, add onto or cut short depending on their workout needs. From runners running 11 min pace to athletes throwing down fast marathon pace work at sub 6 minute miles, our weekend long run has catered to people at all levels. We post our weekend long run location on our Facebook page on Wednesday each week. Check it out and join us! 

In the summer, we also partnered with the Casual Pint in Huntsville for a monthly summer pub run. As we continue to grow, we look forward to creating more opportunities to keep people engaged in the running community. 

Our Athletes: PRs, Stories of beginning, overcoming & accomplishing big things at all levels If we were to fully celebrate the accomplishments of our athletes this year, we would need at minimum a couple thousand words to do so. Summarily, we must say it was a fantastic year for Team RunningLane. From winning marathons, to Boston qualifications, first ultras, big PRs at a variety of distances, we are so proud of our athletes. Check out a couple feature pieces on our runners this year. 

Kelsey Hodges 

Sam Lasseter 

Wonda Abbott 

Craig Smith 

Andrea Kruszka 

Kelly & Patrick Moise 

Kylie Korsnack 

Billy Rose

Scott Smith  

All of us at RunningLane are so grateful for what 2019 has brought us. We want to share with you what 2019 has meant to us and our vision for 2020! 

Head Coach, Will Rodgers 

2019 was an explosive year of growth for RunningLane. We added our first full time employee, Coach Alana, and no doubt she has played a key role. In 2019 the company grew 88% over 2018 and we have big plans for 2020. What can you expect over the next year? We will continue growing our footprint in the coaching world. There are other coaching "projects" we are currently working on that will roll out around summer 2020. We have plans to add 3 new races that will strive to add amazing experiences and add more value to our coaching athletes via athlete perks. We are also excited to announce the addition of Blaise Binns to the RunningLane family. Blaise has come to assist our Head Timer, Sean Alan, with race timing as it continues to grow. It's important to note that none of this would be possible without the continued trust and amazing relationships we have with our athletes and partners. I want to personally thank everyone who is part of our RunningLane Team and I can't wait to see what you guys do in 2020. 


Happy New Year & Happy Running, 


The Run Coaches 


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I've been running since April of 2011, and I got into it mostly for weight loss purposes.  I quickly realized that I loved running and became interested in getting better and setting goals.  Each season brings different challenges, and I like being coached by people that coach me based on my personal goals, rather than a generic website that makes us all one type of runner.  RunningLane is perfect for runners seeking specific training tailored to their own personal goals.