New Race: King of the Mountain 4k

Monte Sano

WHEN: Saturday, November 14, 2020 

WHERE: Monte Sano State Park

WAVES: Starting @ 8:00 am, Having groups of 25 people every 5 min 

As one of our athletes put it “This is the Huntsville course record we didn’t know we needed to know!” King of the Mountain 4k is our newest race that we are excited to announce!

The closed road of the Bankhead washout is a 2 kilometer hill (~242 feet of gain) that many individuals and teams have taken a shot at racing up…or down. So why not create the official Bankhead crown? This race will begin at the top of closed Bankhead and start with a 2km descent and a quick bolt back up to finish. We will be tracking the fastest descent, fastest ascent and fastest overall finish time for both men and women.

Where did we get the idea for our race logo? Have you ever watched the Tour De France and noticed the polka-dot jersey? We were inspired by the mountain stages of the Tour de France and the awarding of the polka dot jersey! Regardless of your placement overall, you will have conquered the beast of a course and can celebrate like King or Queen of the Mountain! The added bonus is getting to enjoy the mountain at one of the most beautiful times of year with fall foliage!KOM

What will the course records look like and who will be crowned as King and Queen? Register today and take a swing at how fast you can run down and up Bankhead!

Registration opens Friday, August 7!



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