Places to Run Huntsville: Aldridge Creek Greenway

We love our growing Huntsville Greenway system. The Huntsville area currently has over 73 miles worth of trails and greenways. By 2023 the city has budgeted for approximately 44 more miles worth of greenway. As we continue to move through our “Places to Run Huntsville” series, it is necessary to mention one of our favorite greenways, Aldridge Creek. Aldridge Creek is included in many popular Huntsville races including but not limited to The Huntsville Half Marathon, Rocket Man Triathlon, Lobsterfest 5k, and the Ditto Landing 10k .

Aldridge Creek is one of the most trafficked greenways in the Huntsville Greenway system. It is also one of the longest greenways in Madison County. We love Aldridge Creek Greenway for it accessibility and convenience for many types of runs. You have the ability to go traffic free for over 5 miles. This is a great location for long runs, tempos or any faster paced workout. 


Parking Locations

Aldridge Creek Greenway Trailhead parking lot, McGuken Park or Ditto Landing 


South Huntsville, near Bailey Cove Road, .5 mile south of Weatherly Road to Ditto Landing


Distance: 5mi one direction (5.5 if you enter into Ditto Landing)

Surface: Paved pathway, flat 

Open to the public: Yes

Bathrooms: Yes 

Parking: Yes 


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