Recovery Tool Review

The workout may be finished when you stop your run, but your preparation for the next run has just begun. The mission: Recovery.

Training smart doesn’t just mean, having a good plan to follow, it also means recovering well so that you can reduce injury risk. In our article 5 Steps Every Runner Should be Taking to Reduce Injury Risk, we talked about the importance of stretching and taking it to the next level with some self-myofascial release (rolling/massage). Foam rolling and massage encourages the restoration of healthy tissues by bringing blood flow to the area you are working on. This also breaks up adhesions between the muscles, resulting in less soreness and accelerated recovery.

Obviously all this is a good thing, so now what? Choosing a recovery tool or tools can be hard. There are a lot of good options out there. Our friends and partners at Fleet Feet, Huntsville gave us some insight on top recovery tool options. These items are broken down into four different categories: hand pressure, arm pressure, full body weight pressure and electronic tools. We will give you the benefits to choosing each of these items. All of these are quite versatile in use, and it is about choosing what works best for your recovery needs. Take a peak at what tools we like best.

Hand Pressure

  • Addaday Marble Roller -The marble roller is easily one of the most portable and versatile tools out there. It can fit in a glove compartment or even a pocket for workouts on the go. This can be used on almost any part of the body. This is best for light massage or just warming up the muscles. Dealing with foot pain or plantar fasciitis? This one is awesome for the feet. 

  • marble roller

Arm Pressure

  • Addaday Pro-Massage Roller -The Addaday roller is equally as versatile as the marble roller, but it allows one to apply more than just hand pressure. It even has knobs with different densities to apply pressure more lightly or more firmly in certain areas.

pro roller
  • Trigger Point STK Contour-This hand held roller has a flexible hour glass shape that allows users to roll out almost anywhere and slightly wrap muscle groups while rolling. It is extremely lightweight and easy to transport. Again, sticks are great for people not wanting to sit or lay on the ground to roll out.


Body Weight/High Pressure

  • Addaday Nonagon Roller-If you do not mind getting on the ground to roll, a classical foam roller is the easiest way to get a more intense massage. The nonagon is a step above just a foam cylinder. With nine sides and oval extrusions this adds another layer of intensity to your roll.

nono roller
  • Trigger Point Grid Roller- This tool's hard and hollow core, wrapped in EVA foam makes it firmer than traditional foam rollers. It has a three dimensional surface has a variety of widths to replicate the feeling of a massage therapist’s hands.The hollowed inside makes it convenient for travel and storage.

TP roller
  • Roll Recovery R8 RollerThe R8 roller has a unique design for something that is able to apply so much pressure. It has a horseshoe shape that allows you to pivot even when pressure is being applied. This roller aids in deep tissue manipulation. One is able to control how firm it clamps on to the muscle being rolled out. This one is great for the  IT band, glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. You can even use it on the arms. This is extremely easy to transport and fits comfortably in gym bags, backpacks and even desk drawers.

R8 Roller


  • Hyperice Vyper Massage RollerThe Vyper has all the benefits of your classic foam roller with three speeds of vibration along with it. The added vibration allows for deeper muscle activation. They claim it is twice as effective in helping range of motion than regular foam rolling.  Though it sits at a slightly higher price point than most massage tools, its effectiveness had definitely been proven.

Vyper Roller
  • Addaday Massage TorchThe Torch is a handheld device that allows you to target pinpoint areas with vibrating massage. It has eight different settings of vibration and four different massage heads to use. Another great thing about the torch is its ergonomic design and quiet operation that doesn’t make the annoying noise that many massage tools make. This one is very versatile in use as it is a good “all-around” tool.

Torch Massage




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