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July 13 – 31

These past several weeks have been very good, yet busy. We have made some great changes in our family life, my training has been the strongest it has been since I’ve started back, and I’m finally adapting to my new position at work.

We have been trying to sell our two door Honda Civic in order to purchase another 4door vehicle. We have spent the last year only having one 4door vehicle, which has made changing cars and moving Leland around very difficult at times. We were able to sell the Civic this month (for what we were asking) and purchase a used Honda Pilot. This is a great step for us as a family because we are working towards moving Kelley from working weekends to weekdays, but needed another 4door vehicle to make that happen. This would allow us to have more family time and not put as much individual stress on each of us with Leland. Not to mention I am very happy that Kelley is able to have the SUV she has wanted for years now.

Leland, unfortunately, has decided that he no longer likes sleep. He is gaining some new teeth which are making his sleeping habits (or lack thereof) very inconsistent. If Leland gets very little sleep, then that means that we also get much less sleep. Thus is the life of being a parent. If you are reading this and do not have children, I highly recommend NOT taking sleep for granted. Kelley and I often joke about how we wonder what in the world we did with all of our free time before we had Leland. Granted, neither of us would trade being a parent for anything in the world but sometimes you just don’t realize how much sleep and free time you had until it’s gone.

RUNNING! My training during July has been some of the most consistent training I’ve had in 2 years, which is interesting since July has been the hottest month of the year so far. This month concludes the most mileage I have had in one month since ~2007. While my mileage isn’t anything to write home about for most competitive runners, I feel like it is a great step in the right direction towards building mileage and overall fitness. I have been lucky enough to be able to run with my friend and Olympic Trials Qualifier, Brandon York, quite a bit which helps my motivation and obviously my training level. This summer has just been brutal with the heat and humidity, so I cannot wait until Fall is here for some relief. I keep telling myself that training hard in these conditions will pay off in the Fall racing season, so we will see if that holds true.

I also officially signed up for the Rocket City Marathon in December. This will be my first marathon and I am excited to see what kind of time I can run. Well, excited may be an overstatement. I am a little nervous for this one, but I am going into it with an open mind since it will provide a nice baseline for marathon fitness. The long runs will be getting longer and longer as the 16week marathon buildup begins soon, so once again I will need to change my running schedule in order to accommodate the time needed for these runs. Very thankful to the RunningLane coaches for being so flexible with the running schedules so I can make these long runs happen.

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