RunningLane Athlete Highlight: Daniel Sillivant

Longtime RunningLane athlete, Daniel Sillivant let us know a bit more about his running history and background. Daniel has been one of the athlete's who has stayed honest and committed in this period of no racing during the Covid19 Pandemic. Between crushing time trials and getting in a lot of quality work, we know that he is ready to execute some great racing when he get's the chance. Daniel finished 2019 with a new PR in the marathon of 2:44. He also had a great performance at the Army 10 Miler, helping the Redstone Arsenal Team to a first place finish in their division. 

How long have you been running and how did you get started?

I played sports growing up and there was always running involved for conditioning, but I didn’t truly pick up running until after college.  My first race was the UAH 10K in 2010 when I had a 45 minute heads up that I was running the race when friend and former UAH X-Country runner signed me up for the race. I ran regularly with several UAH athletes at the beginning, which helped keep me motivated. 

What are you currently training for?

Good question.  With my marathon for the spring canceled I do not know what exactly I am training for at this time. I train to keep my sanity and general fitness. Coach Will has transitioned me from a spring marathon to doing some shorter 5K and 1 mile time trials to help build my speed and keep me motivated during these unique times.  in preparation for a fall marathon.

What are some goals you have for 2020 racing?

I would like to be able to run another race this year. My spring marathon was canceled which has made training and staying motivated a challenge.  As far as time goals go: sub 2:40 in the marathon and another sub 17 5K. 

What was your running highlight of 2019

Running sub 2:45 for the marathon. It felt nice to finally break the 2:45 mark after several attempts. On top of that I was able to see/help a friend qualify for the Olympic Trials in the marathon a few seconds after I finished (Coach Alana is very thankful).

What is your favorite race?

The two that stand out to me because I’ve done them multiple times is the Boston Marathon and the Army 10 Miler.  I’ve done Boston 3 times and the atmosphere is unforgettable.  I like the Army 10 Miler because I have been part of the Redstone Army 10 Miler team each of the times that I have run it.  It is the only team running experience that I have because I picked up running after college.

Where is your favorite place to run?

My favorite place to run is in new places/cities.  It is a great way to see the city or area.  Some of my favorites have been along the Danube River in Vienna, Gorky Park in Moscow, Prague at sunrise.

What is your favorite running memory (s)?

 My first time running the Boston Marathon.  It was a warm and sunny day so the crowds were out, also my PR.  Making that left turn onto Boylston and hearing the roar of the crowd.

Running any PR.  The latest being the Indianapolis marathon.

Luzhniki Half Marathon (Moscow, Russia), the first race that I did with my fiancée, now wife.  It was also my first international race.

How long have you been with RunningLane and why did you get a coach?

I started being coached by Will in 2017.  It made it easier for me to just focus on running and not trying to figure out what workouts I needed to do to get faster and achieve my goals.  Will has helped me improve my PR’s and helped me stay motivated and healthy.

Why do you run?

 I run for my own sanity and for the safety of others…  just ask my wife.  I run for a lot of reasons, general health and fitness, it can be difficult at times and I like to challenge myself.  Running helps me be able to do some of my other hobbies and interests, like high altitude mountaineering.  Running solo helps me gather my thoughts and clear my head.  


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Brandon York

When I finished my collegiate cross-country and track career, I felt burned out and unmotivated to continue running. As a result, I quit running for over 2 years and, as expected, lost a lot of conditioning during that time. I was out of shape. Eventually, when I decided to start running again, I needed a coach and motivation. Enter the guys from My coach Will lit the fire in me to get fast again! In a little over 2 years time, he took me from a high school level fitness to beating my college PRs in the 5k and 10k and even running well in longer races like 15k and 10 miles. With his guidance, I now have a realistic chance of qualifying for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials!

I firmly believe that this team at can do the same for you - whether your goal is to take down old PRs, win your age group at a local 5k, or be competitive on a national level.  They’re the best.