RunningLane Athlete Highlight: Kelly & Patrick Moise

Kelly and Patrick Moise both started with RunningLane earlier in 2019. They are an extremely fun and energetic couple, that have really inspired each other with their running. Both love to engage in events within the running community and seek opportunity to bring people into the sport. Patrick and Kelly have both set some personal bests and accomplished some big milestones in 2019. We are so excited to see what the remainder of the year holds for these two!


How long have you been running and how did you get started? 

 Kelly: I started running to lose weight many years ago. I would “run” a mile and wasn’t losing weight. My doctor (a runner) told me that I should try to add some miles… so I signed up for a marathon with Team in Training (I don’t know how to start small plus Patrick had already done one so I needed to as well, lol).  I didn’t really run these but I completed them. Did these back in 2009-2011. Hated running on the roads so I stopped. Started hiking two years ago and my doctor (same poor guy) told me that trails would be great to strengthen my destroyed ankles…. So I signed up for McKay Hollow 25k (that start small problem again plus Patrick had also done this and I felt like I needed to as well, lol). Two weeks before the race a friend of mine told me I would have to run some of it… so I guess I started running trails on March 16, 2018

Patrick: I started running in 1999.  AFTER a total knee replacement surgery.  Years of volleyball, martial arts and basketball had taken a toll. There was an informational presentation from Team in Training. They promised to help train for a full marathon regardless of speed and prior training. I joined the team – and I loved it! The camaraderie and friendships have lasted a lifetime.  However, it was not really “running” I could barely do a 15 minute mile and I was always injured. I stopped running altogether after my left knee gave out. I didn’t really start “running” again until after I had lost about 40 lbs and joined RunningLane.  

What are you currently training for?

K:My goal race is the Jackson Co. 50/50. It will be my first 50 mile trail race

P: Wade Mountain half marathon

What are some goals you have for 2019? 

K: My only goal is to finish the 50 miler and improve my time on the Dizzy 50 and Cannonball race.

P: My initial goal was to run 1000 miles in 2019. I am only 30 miles away from that goal. I also wanted to run a sub 9 minute mile – I have already achieved that goal.  I wanted to improve my times from last year’s “Wild-Thangs” races – I have done that. Now my goal is to be able to keep up with my wife Kelly.

What is your favorite race? 

K:I am most proud of completing Mountain Mist since that always seemed so impossible to me.  My favorite race so far is probably the Cannonball race since I was running alongside elite runners and learned so much from them. That race really showed me how encouraging the trail community is.

P:McKay Hollow and Oak Barrel Half-Marathon

Where is your favorite place to run?

K:This assumes that I like to run at all…. If I must run… I enjoy anywhere muddy, wet, rocky and with lots of climbing.

P: Monte Sano and Green Mountain

What is your favorite running memory (s)?

K:Other than the minute I finish?  Being able to run with Patrick has been great even if we have quite different schedules. I would also say winning my age group at last year’s Big Foot race.  I didn’t even know that there were awards at these things so I didn’t stay. I never imagined anyone calling my name at any kind of race. 

P:My first marathon… will never forget

How long have you been with RunningLane and why did you get a coach?

K:I signed up with RunningLane because Will promised that I would learn to enjoy running. I can’t say that is true yet. I also signed up because I had no idea what I was doing.  My training meant going faster or longer each time…but also getting hurt. I wanted to learn how to train properly and avoid injury as much as possible. Alana has been great at being my common sense when it comes to training goals and expectations. She has taught me the benefit of mixing up the drills/speed/distance with each work out.  

P:I have completed 2 twelve week sessions with RunningLane –best thing ever second to my joining StrongerU. I got a coach for the same reason / approach there is in stronger U –– teaching – mentoring and accountability

Why do you run?

 K:I have no freaking idea. Maybe just sick in the head? Peer pressure? The cool people I meet?  It may just come down to the fact I am masochistic and should probably seek therapy. 

P:I love the idea of pushing the body; getting stronger and of course, the cardio benefit



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I've been running since April of 2011, and I got into it mostly for weight loss purposes.  I quickly realized that I loved running and became interested in getting better and setting goals.  Each season brings different challenges, and I like being coached by people that coach me based on my personal goals, rather than a generic website that makes us all one type of runner.  RunningLane is perfect for runners seeking specific training tailored to their own personal goals.