RunningLane Athlete Highlight: Sam Lasseter

Sam Lasseter

Sam Lasseter is one of the most enthusiastic people in our local running community. He loves to encourage others in their running, and he know how to put his head down and work hard on his own goals. Sam provides some great insight on the love of the sport and the community it brings together. Take a read and get to know a little more about RunningLane's own, Sam Lasseter. 

How long have you been running and how did you get started?

I had always “run” for football back in high school, and I did a couple of 5K’s in college. However, I never was really systematic about my running until 2009. I worked with a gentleman who ran cross country in college and he provided me some tips on running. At the beginning all my running was on the treadmill. When I told him I was trying to go faster every run he told me: “Sam, you can’t do that on every run you’ll burn yourself out.” I tried to heed his advice. My original plan was just to run 5K’s when I started in 2009.  By the end of the year I ran my first marathon (Rocket City Marathon). You can say I was hooked almost from the start!

What are you currently training for?

I am currently training for the Forget the PR Mohican 50K run in Loudonville, OH on April 6th. I’m also looking towards the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in November.

What are some goals you have for 2019?

My main goal is the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on November 9th. My A+ goal in that race is to go sub 3:20, and A- goal is sub 3:30. I would also like to stay healthier this year than last, by the end of last year my body was completely worn out and I needed a break mentally and physically.

What is your favorite race?

I love the Chicago Marathon the most because of the level of crowd support. It was amazing to see human nature at its best, supporting thousands of people they didn’t know with their full enthusiasm. This is important to me because I love supporting others. That race was a 26.2 mile spectacle of support that I will never forget as long as I live.

Where is your favorite place to run?

I don’t know that I have a particular favorite place to run. It’s just the fact that I get to run that sets me free. Sometimes that freedom comes on a greenway run, track run, trail run, running with friends, without friends, running in the streets of a city, or on a cross country course. Wherever I run, that is my favorite place to run at that given moment. I have come to value every run no matter where it occurs.

What is your favorite running memory?

One great memory is a combination of a bad race and the race that likely kept me going in my running.  That race was my first 50K, Recover From the Holidays. In 2012, I had trained long and hard before the Rocket City Marathon and thought I was primed for a great day that early December. I bonked out pretty bad and was pretty down about my running. I thought to myself: “If I train this hard and do this poorly what is the point?” I really thought about quitting running. I had signed up for Recover at some point before the Rocket City. I thought I’d at least stay in shape for the Recover 50K and give it my best shot. So I did. I went out and ran well the whole 50K. I’ll never forget my friend, Ronnie, telling me "you are good at this 50K stuff." I went on to have a great race in what might have been the race that kept me from quitting running. Thus providing me the opportunity to keep on running and creating more great memories.

How long have you been with Runninglane and why did you get a coach?

I reached out to Coach Will in early July of 2018.  I needed to have a more focused training program than just running myself into the ground. Coach Will gave me the tools necessary to get me ready for the Chicago Marathon in 2018.  I have continued to run with success and have achieved more PR’s and course records since then thanks to a more disciplined plan.

Why do you run?

Running sets me free from every part of my life. Running has always been completely truthful and honest with me. It’s something I don’t know how to explain really other than my body tells me “you’ve done the work now it’s time to go,” or “you’ve played too much and now it’s time to struggle.” Running has been an honest friend since I started doing it consistently in 2009.


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    Josh Dowdy
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    Great insights here from Sam. I think a lot of runners struggle with "running myself into the ground." The long haul requires a different nuance of persistence—like Sam's bouncing back after that Rocket City bonk. Thanks for posting this profile!
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    Will Rodgers
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    Thanks for the kind words and support Josh!

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