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I'm passionate about running. I've run a number of marathons and read enough about the science of running to consider myself relatively knowledgeable about the physiology and science behind training and racing. Notice I did not say I am talented or gifted by any stretch. The lack of raw talent is compounded by the fact that I am now considered a "masters" level runner. Masters is not necessarily a compliment in the running world, but merely denotes that fact that you are in fact "over the hill". At the age of 46, the body just doesn't function the same as it use to in our 20's. Our ligaments and tendons become less elastic, and our cardiovascular system becomes stiff and less compliant. Translation: running fast becomes harder the older we get. Despite these changes, I've managed to get faster each year. This is no accident but is a function of consistent training, tending to the "small things", and working with a qualified running coach.

I am continually surprised to see how many people approach the sport in such a haphazard way. Their "training" routines are illogical at best and their pre-race routines guarantee a miserable experience when the big day arrives. I was no different in 2007 when I ran my first marathon at the age of 36 in 4 hours 18 minutes. Fast forward 12 to 13 marathons later, each progressively faster, I completed my most recent marathon (Chicago 2017) in 2 hours 56 minutes. Along with my coach, Will Rodgers, I am now hoping to break 2:55 at Boston in April 2018. I am a huge believer in working with a coach not only to achieve your goals, but also to avoid injury and to make running something that brings great satisfaction rather than frustration and misery. For the next 16 weeks, I will provide updates of my experience in working with my coach at RunningLane as we prepare for my next Boston Marathon. I won't bore you with the details of everyday training, but aim to provide a brief overview of each week's training, along with the logic behind them. So, stay tuned.

-Tim Adams

Tim Adams


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I've been running since April of 2011, and I got into it mostly for weight loss purposes.  I quickly realized that I loved running and became interested in getting better and setting goals.  Each season brings different challenges, and I like being coached by people that coach me based on my personal goals, rather than a generic website that makes us all one type of runner.  RunningLane is perfect for runners seeking specific training tailored to their own personal goals.