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Coach Alana: Managing Transitions, a Lesson in Sport


Lessons in one sport are often teachable moments that can be opportunities for growth and understanding in another. Whether you observe or have played other sports, you probably have moments you look back on and realize it makes you a better runne...

The Risks of Going to the Well


Why nailing a workout doesn’t always mean exceeding expectations   One of the intriguing parts about our sport is the ability to gain data from repeated workloads and compare past and current performance. However, this makes it ...

Finding Motivation Without a Race in Sight


Training when your spring racing schedule just went to the wayside can be a little challenging. We have seen a mix of responses in regards to what their spring season now looks like. We have seen everything from extra enthusiasm to train, to anger...

Managing a cancelled race and racing schedules during the COVID-19


As an event management company, timing company and coaching company, we face the challenge of managing events and our own athletes in some times of uncertainty. While we don’t have the perfect answer, our goal is to provide some perspective ...

3 Common Foam Rolling Mistakes


While there are many recovery tools out there for runners, the foam roller is perhaps the most commonly used. It is typical for runners to feel like they have a deep and personal relationship with their foam roller. Though foam rolling is an excel...

Coach Will: Racing Mindset


In coaching we face two very important challenges. First, the X's and O's of training are important to make sure an athlete is getting the right workouts at the right time. Secondly, and perhaps even more challenging, is catering to the mental sid...

Coach Alana: The Need for Speed


Here on the RunningLane Blog we have talked about strides and their place in training, but we want to cover why it is important to never be too far removed from true speed work. Sometimes periodization in training is taken to the extreme, people v...

The Role of Single Leg Balance & Strength for Runners


It is known that running is not a two-legged activity. Running is a series of single leg stances, and single leg propulsion. Often, weakness in stability during any phase of running can be the cause of injury. Single leg balance requires a great a...

What Your Watch Will Not Tell You


In an era where our GPS watch has hundreds of features, we can easily become fixated on all these things that can give us so called data points as indicators of fitness and overall health. Though technology can be helpful and an aid to training. W...

RunningLane Athlete Highlight: Shannon Million


This week we are highlighting our first athlete of 2020. Shannon Million had a huge 2019 and has already had a great start to 2020 with a new 10k PR! Shannon is an awesome example of bringing her entire family in on her running journey. She hopes ...


Before I started running I was puffy and depressed with my kids were leaving me behind during playtime. So my friend suggests this coaching program, which is now RunningLane.  I was cautious at first, investing in something I was sure I couldn’t do, but in order to regain my health something had to be done.  Next thing I knew I was on the starting line of my first 5k!  The training that they provide is so wonderful, so supportive and so dedicated to working with my personal goals and fitting into my life.  I feel good about myself.  I have the confidence back to go out and do things that I want to do.  Thank you!!!