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About Us

We are a specialty run coaching service dedicated to helping runners of all ability levels. Our coaches are USATF, RRCA, and ACE certified and have been features in magazines such as Runners World.  We help you balance your training to make sure you're at your best on race day.  As for the basics of training and where you're at right now, we collect a questionnaire at sign-up and make sure we understand who you are.  We go over those to see what your needs are then follow up with any additional specifics.


We collect the data from our runners on their training and their running history, then use that information to tailor personal running schedules for them.  We customize the training schedules every week and post them on our website in the runner's dashboard.  The dashboard is totally private.  The workouts appear on your calendar and you will also have a full array of messaging and commenting tools to give us feedback on your workouts.


Our decision to personalize custom schedules allows us to work around your work, family & life schedule.  This also compliments the needs of your body in a way that normal training plans never can.  For example, there's a bunch of couch to 5k apps which provide an online coaching tool.  But they use a set database of workouts which force you into a group that 'sort of' meets your needs.  This mass-coaching style often leads to injuries and rarely produces peak results for the runner.


In our system we pay attention to the details.  As a result our runners show significant improvements in their performance and in general, are below the average for frequency of injuries.


Who Do We Coach?

At RunningLane we coach runners of all ability levels. No matter your PR's, experience level or age, we will tailor the schedule to fit your needs. Whether you want to run your first 5k or a 2:20 marathon, we've coached any and everyone in between. When you join the team you will be added to an amazing support group of fellow teammates and coaches in our private Facebook group. We share training tips, core exercises, dynamic warm up / cool down routines, as well as keep you up to date on injury prevention overseen by Physical Therapist whom we work closely with. 


How Does It  Work?

The coaching acts like a subscription. You pay month to month and are free to cancel at any time with no penalties. We have athletes who we've coached for over 4 years that are still with us and we have other athletes who use us for one or two training cycles. You are in control and we are here to help you along your journey. If you have any questions we would love to walk you through the process.  Please, email us at, or if you prefer, give us a call at 256.808.7197.  We hope you'll give us a shot!


Happy Running,


--Your Coaches


Hear from our customers


Hear from our customersTestimonialsTestimonials


If this time last year someone would have said to me, "By April 2016 you'll have run 3 5Ks and will be running 15 miles every week (and enjoying it!)," I'd have laughed and made a joke about being chased by a scary clown. But, here I am, just finished my 3rd 5K with a time a little bit better than the last.  I'm really glad RunningLane encourages beginners. As someone who has never run or even been very athletic, it's nice to have guidance and a place to get my questions answered. Big thanks to my coach, Michael for setting me up with a program that I can stick with and challenges me.  My program is just that…mine.  It is tailored to my fitness level and ability and having someone to check in with each week keeps me accountable. It’s working!  In 14 weeks with my coach and RunningLane my BMI has dropped 5 points, my cholesterol went from over 200 to 165, and my resting heart rate has lowered because my heart is healthier and happier!  Thank you, RunningLane!