Pirate Mileage Challenge

 June 8-August 16 

10 week challenge for building summer fitness! 


Fall victories are made with summer gains. Are you up for the challenge? This summer, test yourself with our Summer Pirate Mileage Challenge. Over the course of 10 weeks, challenge yourself with consistent mileage to achieve a spot in the 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 mile club.


·         A mileage club t-shirt specific to your summer total 100-199 (100 miles) 200-299 (200 miles) 300-399 (300 miles) 400-499 (400 miles) 500+ (500 miles).

·         A challenge finisher medal

·         A mileage guide/schedule for your summer mileage needs

·         A Weekly training tip email

·         An Invite to the Pirate Mileage Challenge Strava Group

·         A piece of RunningLane Swag

·         Accountability and purpose in logging summer training!

·         Some good mileage in your aerobic bank!


·         Start Date: June 8th - August 16th

·         Shirts/ finisher packets will be mailed at the conclusion of the 10 week challenge

·         Mileage can be logged by participant in any way they choose and they can upload their mileage on runsignup to track their progress.  (Strava, Garmin connect, training log digital or written, etc.)

We want everyone to start their mileage challenge appropriately, we encourage appropriate increases in mileage and consistent running over sporadic long runs! Let’s get healthy, fit and fast! 


Steve Prefontaine (Pre), one of the greatest runners in American history, University of Oregon National Champion, 1972 Olympian and elite distance runner for the Oregon Track Club started out as a good, but not great high school runner. His freshman year he ran 5:01 in the mile. His sophomore year in high school he failed to qualify for his favorite event (the 2 mile). His high school coach noted this was the year that Pre took it upon himself to train hard over the summer. His cross country team had exclusive mileage clubs for those who logged their mileage over the off season, Named after the school mascot, it was the Pirate 1000 mi Club. Following this dedication to running, his junior year he went undefeated in cross country and won the state title. This was a monumental stepping stone for his career which turned into multiple NCAA titles, American records and an Olympic performance.

We took this concept and modified it a bit, with hopes that you can have your own breakthrough performances this fall!

*Note, each finisher will receive a mileage shirt corresponding to the amount of miles they run as mentioned above : [100-199 (100 miles) 200-299 (200 miles) 300-399 (300 miles) 400-499 (400 miles) 500+ (500 miles)]

*Note, each finisher will receive a finisher medal corresponding to the amount of miles they run as mentioned above : [100-199 (100 miles) 200-299 (200 miles) 300-399 (300 miles) 400-499 (400 miles) 500+ (500 miles)]


Will Christian

I was a 2:27 marathoner that seemed to have hit the ceiling. It seemed that I couldn't break that time. I ran a 2:20 marathon this past fall and a big reason for that success was due to coaching and guidance. Coaching is like having a second set of eyes on a problem.

As an active duty service member we are taught "Attention to Detail." I was focusing on my stronger attributes while neglecting my weaker ones. My personal coach pointed a few things out and changed a few of my workouts and like magic; I smashed my PR in the marathon.